Agile Software - I Want My WebTV! - Hau Lee, M. Johnson

Abstract Text: Agile was a supplier of product content management software for use over the Internet within and among companies in a manufacturing supply chain. The suite of Agile products was designed to improve the ability of the supply chain members to communicate and collaborate with one another about new or changing product content. The software was particularly useful for managing virtual supply chains where manufacturing and distribution functions were outsourced to contract partners. Agile had been in business for over four years and had launched its first non-web based product in 1996. In many ways, Agile's products were well suited to become fully web-centric and with the growing wave of interest in Internet business-to-business applications, the firm quickly redesigned its products to leverage the power of the web.
Title: Agile Software - I Want My WebTV!
Author(s): Hau L. Lee; M. Eric Johnson
Case No: GS20
Publication Year: 2000
Keywords: Global Supply Chain
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