Intuit Inc.: From Products to Services in the Information Age - Hau Lee, Charles Holloway, Lyn Denend, Terry Taylor

Abstract Text: The advances of the internet has enabled some companies to dematerialize their products so that digital versions of their products can be personalized and shipped to customers without the usual logistics costs and delays. Once this is achieved, then the opportunities to provide customers with additional services, or to transform from a product-based to a service-based company, could be tremendous. This case traces the experience of Intuit in pursuing their digital channel to sell and distribute their products, the challenges faced in making this migration while managing the physical channel, and the new service opportunities that the company created once the digital channel is in place.
Title: Intuit Inc.: From Products to Services in the Information Age
Author(s): Hau L. Lee; Charles A. Holloway; Lyn Denend; Terry Taylor
Case No: GS21
Publication Year: 2000
Keywords: Global Supply Chain
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