A Smart Supply Chain for a Smart Product: Micro Compact Car Smart GmbH - Hau Lee, Ozlem Yuksel

Abstract Text: With increasing pollution and congestion, European car manufacturers were concerned that governments might eventually ban conventional cars from city centers. A smaller car had the possibility of escaping such a ban. The producer of Swatch watches, SMH AG (Swiss Corporation for Microelectronics and Watchmaking Industries, Ltd.), came up with the novel idea of an environmentally friendly but stylish super-compact car. The smartā would embody a whole new notion of mobility, where owning a smart car would mean purchasing an uninterrupted mobility solution, referred to as smartmove. The program would offer the smart customer attractive, favorably priced parking spaces, access to other vehicles from AVIS and car-sharers, access to other means of transport and reduced prices for transporting the smart on ferries and trains.
Title: A Smart Supply Chain for a Smart Product: Micro Compact Car Smart GmbH
Author(s): Hau L. Lee; Ozlem Yuksel
Case No: GS32
Publication Year: 2003
Keywords: automobiles
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