Riders for Health: Health Care Distribution Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa - Hau Lee, Brian Tayan

Abstract Text: In 1996, Andrea and Barry Coleman launched Riders for Health, a United Kingdom-based nonprofit dedicated to the improvement of transportation systems for health workers in Africa. The nonprofit’s main program, Transportation Resource Management, involved a maintenance and training program for motorcycles and other vehicles used by health workers to deliver medical care in remote African communities. Although dedicated to an unglamorous area of health care, the program was incredibly successful and one of the few examples of a practical solution to the world’s most intractable health care problems. Nevertheless, by 2007, the organization was at a critical decision point. It had tapped its established, external funding sources almost to maximum levels but still required significant capital to expand. The organization had to decide what strategies, both financial and operational, to implement in order to achieve the much larger scale it needed to spread the benefits of its program across wider sections of Africa’s afflicted population.
Title: Riders for Health: Health Care Distribution Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author(s): Hau L. Lee; Brian Tayan
Case No: GS58
Publication Year: 2007
Keywords: AIDS, logistics, healthcare
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