PCH International: Managing the Flows of Information, Goods, and Finance - Hau Lee, Jennie Tung

Abstract Text: PCH International started out as a sourcing agent of low-priced electronic components from Taiwan and China to the Western world in the mid 1990s, it had evolved to become a provider of comprehensive supply chain solutions to global technology companies by 2007. PCH was designed to address the needs of a complex global technology supply chain landscape. The first section of the case provides an overview of the global technology supply chain in the 2000s; the second section describes the physical, information and capital 'flows' in the technology supply chain and the third section discusses how PCH had designed solutions to address the challenges in the three 'flows'. Customers examples included in the case to illustrate the various supply chain priniples.

Also see GS61B: PCH International (B): Supply Chain Solutions Take Off

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Title: PCH International: Managing the Flows of Information, Goods, and Finance
Author(s): Hau L. Lee; Jennie Tung
Case No: GS61
Publication Year: 2008
Keywords: Supply Chain, Technology, Consumer Electronics, sourcing
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