New Cases

The following are the 5 newest cases to be added to the database.

Case No. Title Date Author(s)
CGRP40 Josh Hardy and the #SaveJosh Army: How Corporate Risk Escalates and Accelerates through Social Media 2014 David F. Larcker; Sarah M Larcker; Brian Tayan
SM223 Innovation at Caterpillar: The D7E Tractor 2014 Glenn R. Carroll; David Hoyt
E503 Qualtrics: Scaling an Inside-Sales Organization 2014 James M. Patell; Kirk Bowman; Maryanna Quigless
SM204B DKSH in 2012: Preparing for Continued Rapid Growth 2013 Robert A. Burgelman; Martina Ludescher
SI121 GuideStar 2013 William F. Meehan III; Davina Drabkin