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Case No. Title Date Author(s)
SM219 Basware in 2013: Transition to Software as a Service 2014 Robert A. Burgelman; Debra Schifrin
CGPR38 Corporate Governance According to Charles T. Munger 2014 David F. Larcker; Brian Tayan
GS83 Experian MicroAnalytics: Accelerating the Development of Mobile Financial Services in Developing Markets 2014 Hau L. Lee; Christopher Tang
SM223 Innovation at Caterpillar: The D7E Tractor 2014 Glenn R. Carroll; David Hoyt
CGRP40 Josh Hardy and the #SaveJosh Army: How Corporate Risk Escalates and Accelerates through Social Media 2014 David F. Larcker; Sarah M Larcker; Brian Tayan
IDE05 Mekelle Farms: Poultry Entrepreneurship in Ethiopia 2014 Hau L. Lee; Michael Kennedy; Jonathan Elist
GS82 MobiVi: Establishing Credit Lending, Micro Donations, and Allied Services in Vietnam Using Telecom Technologies 2014 Hau L. Lee; Christopher Tang; Jawad Masood
E505 New Enterprise Associates in India: The Agile International Venture Capital Firm 2014 Peter Ziebelman; Pamela Yatsko
E448 Professor Dodson 2014 David Millard Dodson
E503 Qualtrics: Scaling an Inside-Sales Organization 2014 James M. Patell; Kirk Bowman; Maryanna Quigless
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