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Case No. Title Date Author(s)
A209 Tesla Motors - Evaluating a Growth Company 2013 Maureen F. McNichols; Anne Casscells; Jaclyn Foroughi
A205 Revenue Recognition and Multiple Deliverables: Disentangling Revenue Streams at Fluidigm 2010 Alan D. Jagolinzer; David Hoyt
A203 AIG - Blame for the Bailout 2009 Maureen F. McNichols; Nathan T. Blair
A197, Inc.: Valuation at IPO 2009 Joseph D Piotroski; George Foster; Jennie Tung; Sara Gaviser Leslie; Ning Jia; Martin Haemmig
A201 Fannie Mae - A Shaky Foundation 2009 Maureen F. McNichols; Nathan T. Blair
A202 Tyco - M&A Machine 2009 Maureen F. McNichols; Nathan T. Blair
A200 Disclosure Dilemma: Financial Reporting of Contingent and Environmental Liabilities 2008 Alan D. Jagolinzer; Nathan T. Blair; C. Gregory Rogers
A198 Financial Restatements: Methods Companies Use to Distort Financial Performance 2008 Madhav Rajan; Brian Tayan
A194 AMB Property Corporation: Financial Reporting in the REIT Industry 2007 Maureen F. McNichols; Brian Tayan
A196A AOL Time Warner (A): Accounting for Goodwill 2007 Ron Kasznik; Brian Tayan
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