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Case No. Title Date Author(s)
BME11 Lessons from Pharmaceutical Product Litigation: Merck and the Vioxx Withdrawal, Cona & McDarby vs. Merck 2010 Margaret L. Eaton
BME6 Developing and Marketing a Blockbuster Drug: Lessons from Eli Lilly's Experience with Prozac 2006 Margaret L. Eaton; Mark Xu
BME4 Genzyme and the Research Ethics Questions Associated with its NeuroCell-PD Trials 2005 Margaret L. Eaton; Tara Thiagarajan; Mark Hong
BME3 Myriad and OncorMed and the Marketing of the First Genetic Tests for Breast Cancer Susceptibility 2005 Margaret L. Eaton; Rebecca Farkas; Daniel Greenwald
BME1 VaxGen, Inc., Fighting the AIDS Epidemic 2005 Margaret L. Eaton; Jennifer Wilds; Betty Pang
BME2 Zeneca’s Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Nolvadex 2005 Margaret L. Eaton; Jason Ehrlich; Naveen Chopra
BME8 Adiana, Inc., and the Development of a Female Sterilization Device 2004 Margaret L. Eaton; Anjali Reddi; Aradhana Sarin
BME10 Geron Corporation and the Role of Ethics Advice 2004 Margaret L. Eaton; Clare Risa Ozawa; Gerald M. Farquharson
BME9 Merck's US. Managed Distribution Program For The HIV Drug Crixivan 2004 Margaret L. Eaton; Madhuri Mani Roy; Marko Curavic
BME7 Novartis - UC Berkeley Research Collaboration 2004 Margaret L. Eaton
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