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GS83 Experian MicroAnalytics: Accelerating the Development of Mobile Financial Services in Developing Markets 2014 Hau L. Lee; Christopher Tang
GS82 MobiVi: Establishing Credit Lending, Micro Donations, and Allied Services in Vietnam Using Telecom Technologies 2014 Hau L. Lee; Christopher Tang; Jawad Masood
GS86 Saks: Shocking the Fashion Industry Supply Chain 2014 Michael E Marks; David Hoyt
GS79 McDonald's India: Optimizing the French Fries Supply Chain 2013 Hau L. Lee; Sonali Rammohan
GS61B PCH International (B): Supply Chain Solutions Take Off 2013 Hau L. Lee; Michael E Marks; David Hoyt
GS84 Quirky: A Business Based on Making Invention Accessible 2013 Michael E Marks; David Hoyt
GS85 Toyota Supply Chain Management 2012 Hau L. Lee; Seungjin Whang
GS57B Crocs (B): Hitting the Skids 2011 Michael E Marks; Hau L. Lee; David Hoyt
GS57C Crocs (C): Back from the Dead 2011 Michael E Marks; Hau L. Lee; David Hoyt
GS78 Mountain Hazelnuts: Social Entrepreneurship in Bhutan 2011 Hau L. Lee; David Hoyt
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