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Case No. Title Date Author(s)
HR29B Keller Williams Realty (B) 2011 James N. Baron; David F. Larcker; Brian Tayan
HR36 Chemrad Corporation: President and CEO Search 2010 Hayagreeva Rao; Thomas J Friel
HR37 Manutech Corporation: President and Chief Operating Officer Search 2010 Hayagreeva Rao; Thomas J Friel
HR35 Mozilla: Scaling Through a Community of Volunteers 2009 Hayagreeva Rao; Robert I. Sutton; David Hoyt
HR34 Scaling: How China-Based VanceInfo Grows Big Fast 2009 Hayagreeva Rao; Pamela Yatsko
HR33 Chez Panisse Foundation: Scaling Up A Delicious Revolution 2008 Hayagreeva Rao; Gili Elkin
HR31 Employee Recognition at Intuit 2008 Hayagreeva Rao; David Hoyt
HR32 Seeing in the Dark: Innovation at FLIR Commercial Vision Systems 2008 Hayagreeva Rao; David Hoyt
HR30 Infosys: Building a Talent Engine to Sustain Growth 2007 Hayagreeva Rao; David Hoyt
HR29A Keller Williams Realty (A) 2007 James N. Baron; Brian Tayan
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