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Case No. Title Date Author(s)
RE137 Landlocked Homes: Catching a Falling Knife 2012 Douglas Abbey; Chris Mahowald; Max Lamont
RE136 The Biggest Gorilla in the Room 2011 Nori Gerardo Lietz; Abbey Doug
RE134 AMB Property Corporation: Navigating Treacherous Waters 2010 Douglas Abbey; Jahan J Moslehi
RE133 Eucalyptus Sand Hill Hotel and Office Development Project 2010 Douglas Abbey; Sara Gaviser Leslie
RE135 The Knight Management Center 2010 Baba Shiv; Jake Kraft; Kathleen Kavanaugh
RE131 Lambda Healthcare Investors 2002 Joel C. Peterson; Craig Blanchard; Jack Kolodny
RE128 Legal Issues in Real Estate Development 1995 Peter C. Kremer
RE127 Figueroa @ Wilshire 1993 Joel C. Peterson; Kevin Taweel
RE129 The RTC Sale to GE-Bass 1993 Joel C. Peterson; Jeff Rutishauser
RE126 AMB Corporate Real Estate Advisors 1991 Peter C. Kremer; William C. Lazier; L. A. Snedeker
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