Faculty Profiles

Michael Hannan

StrataCom Professor of Management
Professor of Sociology, School of Humanities and Sciences

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Academic Degrees

PhD, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1970; MA, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1968; BA, College of the Holy Cross, 1965.

Professional Experience

At Stanford 1969-84, and since 1991.

Henry Scarborough Prof. of Social Sciences, Cornell Univ. 1984-91; Asst. Prof.-Prof., Stanford Univ. 1969-84.

Selected Publications

Logics of Organization Theory: Audiences, Codes, and Ecologies, Princeton University Press, 2007 
The Demography of Corporations and Industries, Princeton University Press, 2000 
Dynamics of Organizational Populations, Oxford University Press, 1992 

Working Papers

2082: Drifting Tastes, Inertia, and Organizational Viability 
2081: Category Spanning, Distance and Appeal 
2101: Category Signaling: Biodynamic and Organic Winemaking in Alsace 
2011: Modal Constructions in Sociological Arguments 
2010: Typecasting and Legitimation: A Formal Theory 

Awards and Honors

Fellow: American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1991 
Max Weber Award, 1991, American Sociological Association 
Distinguished Scholar, Organization Theory and Management Division, 1991, Academy of Management 
Max Weber Award, 2002, American Sociological Association 
Best Paper Award in Mathematical Sociology, 2003, American Sociological Association 

Courses Taught

GSBGEN 202 Critical Analytical Thinking 
GSBGEN 518 Dynamics of the Global Wine Industry 
GSBGEN 557 Authenticity in Markets: The Case of the Wine Industry 
OB 653 Categories in Markets 
OB 672 Organization and Environment 


Stanford Executive Program


Professor of Organization Theory (part-time): Durham University, UK (2005 - present) 
Fellow: American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1991 - present) 
Fellow: Netherlands Institute of Advanced Study (2000 - 2001) 
Fellow: Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (1977 - 1978) 

Press Releases

December 2000 Gender and the Organization--building Process in Young High-tech firms 

In the News

July 30, 2000 Old Girls Network Helps Bring Young Women into Technology Jobs, Washington Post 

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