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Research Papers: Building Sustainable Organizations: The Human Factor
Paper No: 2017 R
Title: Building Sustainable Organizations: The Human Factor
Publication Year: 2010
Author(s): Jeffrey Pfeffer 
Abstract Text: Although most of the research and public pressure concerning sustainability has been focused on the effects of business and organizational activity on the physical environment, companies and their management practices profoundly affect the human and social environment as well. This article briefly reviews the literature on the direct and indirect effects of organizations and their decisions about people on human health and mortality. It then considers some possible explanations for why social sustainability has received relatively short shrift in management writing, and outlines a research agenda for investigating the links between social sustainability and organizational effectiveness as well as the role of ideology in understanding the relative neglect of the human factor in sustainability research.
Published In: Academy of Management Perspectives, Vol. 24 Issue 1, pp: 34-45
Keywords: Human Resources Management
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